I’ve never really blogged before but I thought it might be a fun adventure. So, here I go..not really knowing how to do this….hold on because our lives here are anything but dull. Between the cows, trucks, tractors, computers, cameras, tea parties and always breaking appliances, we find much time for fun, laughter and an occasional poptart or two. But seriously,…. we live “just outside of town”, in what we like to call God’s country (aka: the Central Coast of California)…and here, we are continuously rejoicing in the simple things of everyday, seeing the special in the droll. Here, hope abides fearlessly, love is found in the corner of uncertainty. We honor God, cherish life, family, friends, children, homeschooling, horses, good books and fine tea…okay, and a bit more coffee, chocolate and Diet Pepsi than necessary~ Welcome to our adventure….